MBDS rewards 2014

In 2014 selected events will have a first try scorer competition for the game. The entry is $2 coin and the winner takes all.

Get to the event early for the best chance to choose your favourite player!

MBDS rewards 2011

MBDS rewards 2011 is designed to give members who attend regular functions a chance to win prizes that come to a combined value of $1,280.

Weekly MBDS Rewards

When you arrive at an MBDS event, you will be asked to pick the first try scorer of the game and you will also be asked to pick the winner & margin, e.g. dragons by 50. (If you like you can pick the opposition to win and the margin) No two people can have the same first try scorer or winner & margin.

There will be a minimum of 20 weekly rewards events

Pick the Winner & Margin

First Try Scorer

Last Try Scorer

Terms and Conditions

Monthly MBDS Rewards

By simply turning up to an MBDS event you have the chance to win the przes below.

  1. $50 bar tab from one of our four Member Pubs
  2. $20 Bottle of red wine
  3. $20 Bottle of red wine

Terms and Conditions

Annual Rewards Auction

This year we are introducing a third rewards program; "The MBDS Annual Rewards Auction"

The rewards program is based on total appearances for the year with the auction being held on either the first week of the finals or the last round if the Dragons miss out on the finals. By attending MBDS events you receive MBDS cash. Your cash can then be used to bid for prizes on the night of the auction. The list of prizes will be released before round one of the NRL season.